Starting point.

Good morning, wherever and whenever you read this, but one thing that I have been taught previously: no matter what time is it now, your spirit must be like when you are at morning, although some people do start their morning horribly. 

By the moment I am writing this, the site is still being under construction, so it might be a little inconvenience, but again, who would read it?

Apparently this place will become sort of an escape pod from my previous (and/or future) plans of creating "interesting-and-productive-YouTube-channel" yet it seems that since I worried too much on the cinematography (like how the flow of the video, the takes, effects, etc.), probably writing would be the better getaway while being productive at the same time. Also, since I have paid for the domain, it would be a waste to not use it, isn't it right? Thus, I'm going actually write something here.

A thing or two, perhaps. Since I'll be writing here, it means I will write according to my view, right? No. Honestly, I do really not have a rigid view which means I might be also writing my counterarguments to what I've written. I might also try to use others' perspective as it might seems that I am also in that boot. I'll try to use what I have learnt when coming up with some "serious" posts so that it might be convincing (?) to the readers, but readers still have the privilege to believe it or not. I mean, we're humans. We have the free will and logical capability to do so.

Furthermore, I will post some pictures that I have taken and put it up in this site as well. Other works such as video or game (which I planned to do later in summer break) or even music (yeah, I tried to do some compose but it seems that it will be postponed for indefinite time) also will be posted too.

So, enjoy this website, for whatever reason you come to visit for the first place.