In between: Dream and Reality; part 1

©Zacky Dhaffa

Too many things wanted to be accomplished.
Too many things needed to be done.

According to economic theory, Wants and Needs are not the same thing. But one may argues that sometimes both do overlap at some point.

What do you want might perhaps stay as an idea dream.

"I want to buy drone so I can take some awesome aerial shots!"
"I want to visit Europe, especially the Balkans!"

What do you need might also stay as it is reality.

"I need to pay for my rent this month, thus, I would be needing a part-time job soon."
"I need to buy rice since I am run out of it."

No. This is not literally me complaining of my current condition. Or is it?
Are these simple and daily life situations can be seen as a prelude to long way road of the future uncertainty?

What future will hold then? Can the dream become a part of reality as one works hard to achieve it? Or even vice versa due to unpredicted circumstances?

Who knows.

Beppu City, 1:27 AM Japan Standard Time
writing in the middle of bombardments by university-related tasks.